Monday, 27 April 2009

Photos from BEV

Birds Eye View has post-festival news and photos from the festival - with some of the mediascape in use.

e-merge reviewed

A review of e-merge by Alexander Starritt is published on the a-n website's Interface.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

sandpit evening

e-merge was one of 8 events at the sandpit evening at the ICA last Wednesday.
It was a buzzing evening, and over 30 people took part in e-merge, with 62 new walks on the website (numbers 102-163).

Thanks to everyone that gave feedback - 64% of those commenting rated the overall experience of e-merge as good or excellent, and 76% said they'd consider playing e-merge again. Great! Good to hear too about the things that didn't work so well, and suggestions for improvement.

Just managed to squeeze in two short interviews - here's one, after dark, with a mystery walker...

Sarah Mosses helped me with ipaqs, forms etc throughout the evening. So I asked her how she'd found the evening - as co-composer of one of the music tracks, innovation programmer and commissioner from BEV ...

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Tate chimney scaffold

There should be a picture attached, emailing this post from my phone...

live from london

e-merge was back at the ica last night for the sandpit games night.
with a new mini film version of 70 short clips, all theplayers could watch their films live in st james's park. the park's chaanged a lot over the last month since bev. trees in leaf effected the gps a little bit. flags are out all along the mall, and of course the event ran through dusk and into the night - quite a different ambience to the walks.
62 new walks are up on the website, & i will be emailing individual walkers over the next couple of days with the no. of their unique walk.

e-merge plays well on my new htc touchphone, so i hope to use those devices for another event....
for now i'm still finding new things to do with it - like writing this post whilst sunning on the southbank waiting for the tate to open! (where does this idea that artists arent up before 10 come from?!)