Thursday, 29 January 2009

Early Days

Sunday, 18 January 2009

London in the cold

St James' Park is pretty cold in January! But I had a good mix of grey skies, frost, rain and stark bold shadows from the winter sunlight on my visit from 15-17 Jan.

Lots of footage for speeding up - dawn looking east beyond Horse Guard parade to The Eye.
Dusk looking west beyond Buckingham palace.
People and vehicles, parades and wanderers. Empty spaces and full.
Lots of photos, especially series for montage and moving sequence composition.
And some interesting conversations along the way - like the lady who comes up from Kent twice a week to crush walnuts for a particular squirrel who lives near the western tea hut; he has a damaged mouth, and she thinks he gets hungry in between. There's another squirrel she feeds too; his mouth is OK so he's given whole hazel nuts to run away with.

The shot from the eye has had to be dropped. I contacted them for permission to film, completed the online request form, and got a very speedy reply. Permission granted, but I'd have to hire a whole pod (for 3-25 crew) at £440 + vat. Unless there's a group of people desperate to appear in the mediascape who all want to contribute to the fare, I think that one's for another day!!!

I'll be working on the test photos and footage during the last week of Jan, so will post a few examples and experiments here then.

And hopefully the licensing for filming in the park proper will be sorted ready for the start of Feb(at the moment it's personal use only - hence filming from the roads and public spaces around last visit).

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Something More: 3 short films from walks on Whitesheet

These 3 films are taken from the walk traced in the previous post on Whitesheet Hill with an early r&d version of the mediascape 'Something More'.

The content for Something More explored my own response to this ancient, panoramic ssi landscape through video, photography and work with fused & cast glass. 
The edits of the different films are the direct result of the walker's choice, path and pace.

This early r&d version uses just a small selection of content to test different combinations with the mediascape technology. The full version would offer choices of theme (peopled landscape, natural landscape, glasswork) in addition to music, and would comprise many more specific zones and extended content.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Something More re-visited

Yesterday and today I've been up Whitesheet re-visiting the Something More mediascape, and experimenting with traces and logging info - audio play, location, angle, playlist events - ready for the BEV e-merge mediascape, to extract data and recreate short films made by people's walks. (To go on the web and to promote the mediascape to the festival audiences).

Here are the first couple of traces overlaid, a reminder of the Something More layout (this was a working pilot for development and expansion).

The films made will follow in a few days.

3 walks in wind and rain:

I want to upload the log file in google documents, but it's bigger than the 500K max. Looking out for another online system.
In the meantime I tried to include it as a new post, but it's too big for that too! Tbc...


One of the first tasks... a brief biog and outline of e-merge for the BEV promo materials - brochure and website.


I've been thinking about replacing elements of my sketchbook and project development books with a blog...
Now seems the time to experiment with this, privately at first. Although I may invite specific people to visit as and when appropriate.

The intention of e-merge-walks.blogspot is to record the working process/progress of the e-merge mediascape, and related film-generating walks.
I will try using it to collate documents, photos, video etc as I go. Hopefully it will also become a document to demonstrate the work and enquiry to others on the future. And will be good practice to see if this kind of documenting suits me... although a pad and paper are still treasured allies in the field!