Thursday, 28 May 2009

Kukicha Live

Extract from the Kukicha gig at Bristol's FolkHouse with visuals by Jackie.
[Kukicha provided track 2 for the e-merge mediascape. 'Falling Sky' is a new piece, first performed in May 2009]

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

music for film -> film for music

Roles reversed as Kukicha asked me to make images to accompany their music. We've gone for a nature/machine glitchy film look to complement their wonderful mix of sounds (oboe, clarinet, electronic, voice) and explore how the images work with live performance.

I'm interested in making an abstract, portable filmmaking version of e-merge - so these sequences have been compiled with that in mind. Sophia's excited about triggering images through her own movement/ableton, so something interactive on stage is also on the cards...

Meanwhile, pop along to the first local gigs...

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

e-merge SouthBank

Experimental re-mapping of 73 film regions from St James's Park to a small grid of backstreets in Southville.

e-merge SouthBank was available for people to try out on the South Bank Arts Trail last weekend, 9th, 10th May. Based at The Garage, Ashton Gate Terrace, along with other short film, mscape tasters, print, sculpture and photography - kindly hosted by Constance and Featherhouse (who do the BEST rice crispy cakes ever....)

Here's Sophia, composer and lead musician from Bristol-based Kukicha, whose music is featured in e-merge, finding new ways to walk and watch in Southville.

And venue no. 4...