Saturday, 7 March 2009

How was your walk?

The mediascape goes live today...
add comments here to tell us how you got on, what you thought of e-merge, how you heard about it, development ideas and all your feedback!


  1. Here's some feedback from Saturday's walkers' evaluation..
    'e-merge was a lovely and memorable way to enjoy the park!'
    'Awesome, very cool, inspiring.'

  2. And from Sunday's evaluation forms...
    'Unusual & interesting'
    'Innovative (the mediascape was fantastic, really original & inspiring - a real refreshing change & will tell lots of people about it.)

  3. I know I'm not there but I do check the e-merge site every day and watch walks.... lovely film.

  4. Some feedback from Monday & Tuesday..

    'Appreciated the way in which the music & headphones cut me off from my surroundings in order to make me more fully appreciate them!'

    'It's great! Both the event and bEV in general. Great festival.'