Monday, 12 January 2009


I've been thinking about replacing elements of my sketchbook and project development books with a blog...
Now seems the time to experiment with this, privately at first. Although I may invite specific people to visit as and when appropriate.

The intention of e-merge-walks.blogspot is to record the working process/progress of the e-merge mediascape, and related film-generating walks.
I will try using it to collate documents, photos, video etc as I go. Hopefully it will also become a document to demonstrate the work and enquiry to others on the future. And will be good practice to see if this kind of documenting suits me... although a pad and paper are still treasured allies in the field!

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  1. It's gone public - 18 Feb and the blog is now public.

    The blog's been gaining contributors as the project gathers momentum. There's going to be a post about e-merge on the BEV blog shortly, and they've asked to link back here, so it seems the right time to open out.

    I found I was enjoying using it with a public voice anyway.
    The difficulty of collating documents of different types through this template was greater than I'd anticipated (log sizes, range of media etc). My sketchbook's still the first port of call for any thoughts, bits of info, etc, and most of that really wouldn't be interesting, clear enough or very appropriate for wider reading - so in that respect I don't think an online sketchbook's viable as yet.

    As a development record though, I think blogging's great.
    I looked back at a blog from another project - which I set up as facilitator of a media arts/film-making project with young dads, in November 2007. Although the guys had big ambitions from the start, we had no idea how well the project would grow. The blog's been a real part of that process, and looking back now it tracks things I'd otherwise have forgotten about the process along the way.

    So to return to e-merge, it'll be interesting to see who (if anyone) reads this, and how useful it is in promoting this and future projects. Or whether it remains more of a journal to trigger my memory and lead me back into sketch books or out into other media for the fuller/more specific picture.