Monday, 12 January 2009

Something More re-visited

Yesterday and today I've been up Whitesheet re-visiting the Something More mediascape, and experimenting with traces and logging info - audio play, location, angle, playlist events - ready for the BEV e-merge mediascape, to extract data and recreate short films made by people's walks. (To go on the web and to promote the mediascape to the festival audiences).

Here are the first couple of traces overlaid, a reminder of the Something More layout (this was a working pilot for development and expansion).

The films made will follow in a few days.

3 walks in wind and rain:

I want to upload the log file in google documents, but it's bigger than the 500K max. Looking out for another online system.
In the meantime I tried to include it as a new post, but it's too big for that too! Tbc...


  1. A bug: although the log traced audio start, stop and playlist additions perfectly on the tester, it only traced change angle, change location and occasionally start and stop of intro (audio) on the walks...

  2. A few other things on the list for improvements:
    - gps waiting for/lost fix
    - would a map of park/zones be helpful?
    - buffers for zones/limits on re-adding clips
    - rotation/angle change
    - fade with pause
    - id logs/name?