Friday, 26 June 2009

e-merge, pervasive media and Dot.Biz

e-merge remapped again - this time to the playing fields at Chippenham for Dot.Biz: 'Last In, First Out?', an industry day for current and prospective digital media undergrads, organised by the Interactive Media Centre at Wiltshire College, yesterday. The day focused on how the creative industries can survive recession, positives of innovation, technologies and different ways of doing business; with a range of activities, talks, workshops, panel discussion and screenings. I gave a talk about pervasive media, Jane and I ran a drop-in session and mscape workshop, as well as the panel discussion (filmed for future student resources... well planned day, great!)

It was sunny, so the only obstacles for mediascaping were a football game and a barbeque, also on the fields!
I put a mixture of mscapes on the ipaqs, so there was something for everyone - narrative, drama, film, games - and the obligatory mole stamping, which entertained observers!
Some good feedback from the remapped e-merge, and interesting to hear people's responses to seeing the London footage in Wiltshire - with several people commenting on the similarity of shots - sky, trees, grass, seagulls on screen and off - whilst others noticed the contrasts more, the busy cityscape and roads.

Thanks to Jane for help throughout the day and sharing her experience as a musician and composer for e-merge. Also for her comments on experiencing e-merge live for the first time. Great!

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