Friday, 10 July 2009

Web Listings

Websites/url's featuring e-merge:
Temporary page with links, logos & outline info, live from 23/2/09. Full
site live and functional to include walks & films made etc from 5/3/09 Project development blog started 12/1/09 and updated regularly. Public access including comments. Article featuring background to e-merge,
21/2/09. Incl. public comments Festival listing Festival listing Festival listing Festival listing Development sketch, uploaded 19/2/09 Article Event listing (multi-lingual site) visited
26/2/09 Listing Listing Announcement
Listing article with images Review with images with links to journal entries etc.
e-merge at Sandpit#10 22nd April 2009, at ICA
e-merge listed and linked from website. e-merge remapped for students and industry
partners as part of workshops and presentations by Jackie on Pervasive Media at, Wiltshire College, June 2009. Jackie discussed e-merge as part of a
presentation ‘Pervasive Media: Experience of Landscape and Short Film’
Talk by Jackie at Pervasive Media Studio, April 2009, about work to date and
the e-merge project.
Case Study of Jackie for CPD section of ENYAN website (and e-newsletter March
2009) featuring e-merge project. feature & listing about e-merge

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