Thursday, 5 February 2009

Music for St James' Park : Trees/ Water / Paths

Jackie asked me to create music for the e-merge mscape and, now I've done it, to write about me - and explain the process.
I'm a musician  - guitar, bass, harp, flute : I play  with two bands, teach and lead workshops. What leads me on is engagement - the power of sound, and participation. So many ways to participate!
You can see what interests me at
Site specific music, and music for mscape, really fires my imagination.
It was a journey in itself, finding the right way to record what I wanted to create for the e-merge walks. Firstly, I'm a country lass - so how to find a way in to an ordered urban landscape? History is a trigger - but the history of this small piece of place is layer upon layer upon layer. Dense and tangled.
I came to simple, single, visual things - three pieces which I've called trees, water, paths.
It seemed important to break with linear experience. I anticipate the end user to be swept up, inspired, locked in.
I chose to break from what would be the usual process of a constant rhythm (easier said than done) and mirror the experience of becoming engaged - stop : look : listen : turn around : wait awhile. Look up, look down. Reflect.
Maybe it's a city thing, the chance to be alone in proximity to others.

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