Wednesday, 29 July 2009


It's report-writing time, to bring the project to a close, and to submit to ACE.

A lot of documentation has been generated along the way - this blog, the website, the walks and films themselves, photos, video, interviews, on and offline surveys, email comments, programmes, etc. etc.

I'd like to collate things through the blog. However, as I found at the start, that's quite tricky given the range of formats and file sizes involved.
Maybe something to bare in mind from the start on a future project.

- If anyone has suggestions for apps that would work seamlessly that would be great!

Meanwhile, I'm aware that a lot of things get filed away at the end of a project, possibly never to see the light of day.. so I'm going to do what I can in adding documents, photos etc - to have an easily accessed reminder of what's been involved, and also to make this as comprehensive a record as possible. I'm going to cheat the timeline though, and add them in at dates that seem most appropriate... labeled 'documentation' for easy reference.

For a few of weeks (since the Worle workshops) I've been thinking about new blogs to take on elements of e-merge. They're not all live yet, and more may develop along the way, so I'll just add a short post introducing each one - a kind of family tree of new friends and relationships!

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  1. seems a pretty wide option, and then displayed through a flash player on blog.
    But quite fiddly so I found an easier way - save word docs as pdf the open in photoshop and save as jpeg. Maybe I wont do them all! Also not sure if adding docs is going to break up the flow of the blog evolving. May end up putting them all somewhere else anyway.